Friday, 8 November 2013

Free ECO Boilers

Scarbrook in Doncatser are now part of the New Green Deal. The Green Deal is a government initiative that has been produces to help property owners; it is a loan scheme that pays for energy saving Boilers which makes the UK energy efficient.

The ECO friendly green deal is not only lowering carbon emissions it is also lowering user’s bills. The aim of this deal is that your monthly bill will be covered by your savings so you will see a result of having the boiler installed.

new boiler doncasterThere are no upfront costs when the installation has been done this is because the bills are paid in the future over a period of time, this is not like any conventional loan because the bills will stay with the property where the boiler has been installed and not with the buyer.

This scheme has been introduced because UK homes are suffering with high percentage of heat loss every day. The government want to make homes energy efficient and cut carbon emissions as much as possible.

The energy and money saving deal comes in three easy steps; the first being you property will be assessed to survey what work will need to be achieved before fitting, secondly the green deal measures are installed and paid for by the green deal provider and lastly the property owner will start repaying thorough the electricity bill.

It is estimated that 26,000,000 homes in the UK could be eligible for Green Deal promotion. So why not call Scarbrook today for a survey on 01302 882297.

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  1. Andy - thanks for the new boiler, great to know that you are now doing the ECO deal round Doncaster. I will be recommending you.

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