Friday, 4 October 2013

Doncaster Plumbing and Heating specialists Scarbrook promote the Green Deal

Scarbrook have been promoting the Green Deal over the past few months with excellent feedback. The Green deal will only be approved in the occupant’s home if it saves on money. You can find out today if you are eligible for a free boiler with Scarbrook by filling out our quick and easy 20 seconds application form.

To qualify you will need to be a home owner or private landlord tenant that is entitled to benefits such as the following:  Job Seekers Allowance, Child tax Credit, Working tax credit, Income Support, State Pension Credit, Income Related Employment, Support Allowance and I your boiler is non-condensing, broken down or fitted before 2005.

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The green deal not only saves money it is also contributing on helping the environment. The government wants to cut down on household emissions. They have provided up to £1.3 billion per year to help improve the environment and save people money. 

  The £1.3 billion pays for much more efficient energy heating systems and better insulation for the qualifying homes. Therefor homes these energy saving households will not be producing as much carbon dioxide therefore helping the environment and heating companies such as ourselves meeting our carbon reduction targets.

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