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Scarbrook - Combination Boilers

Combination boilers, also known as combi boilers are basically a very effcient condensing boiler. These style of boilers are now the first choice of the vast majority of anyone installing a new one into their UK homes. The reason that they are so popular is in the name 'combination' because they combine heating up your water along with regulating the central heating system.

Scarbrook's fully qualified gas safe engineers only install trusted brands like Baxi, Vaillant, Ideal, Worcester etc.

Advantages for Choosing a Combi Boiler

A combi boiler differs slightly from standard types due to it does not require storing hot water - getting rid of the need for a hot water tank within an airing cupboard. Which is a lure for most looking to upgrade as it takes up less space and can make space available to develop a loft area into another room. 

It is also ideal for families that require considerable amounts of hot water as it is on demand and doesn't run out. This type of boiler offers a great fail safe for when there is a change in water temperature whilst you are showering/bathing because of the thermostat controls.

The effciency of new boilers has to be classed as A grade inaccordance to the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK (SEDUK) guidelines (with some exceptions). If you install a SEDUK A grade rated boiler then the energy efficiency is over 90% which will reduce your carbon footprint and increase the amount of money you save on your energy bill. In conjunction to this if your energy efficiency rating for your home is high it can add value to the property.

In general the boiler installation is much quicker as there is less to install due to the lack of water tank an extra pipe work.

Scarbrook install hundreds of combi boilers every year with fantastic customer satisfaction Click Here to see some of our testimonials

Disadvantages for Choosing a Combi Boiler

As with any product or system there are always disadvantages and this is not an exception. In order to have hot water on demand there needs to be sufficient water supply to the premises. Otherwise if there are multiple taps running simultaneously pressure from each outlet will suffer, however this is also depending on the power out put of the combi boiler. If the water supply is unreliable then this is not the ideal boiler for that situation.

Not particulary a disadvantage but as with every boiler it is a good idea to have it serviced regulary to keep it running smoothly and effciently.
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