Friday, 15 January 2016

Protect Against the Cold

Get Checked By Scarbrook

Earlier in the week many newspapers released articles stating scarily low temperatures that are expected in the UK over the coming days, one article in the Telegraph stating expected temperatures as low as -12C. Not to mention the dreaded snow that is apparently also imminent.

With this it could just be your luck that over this period your boiler will fail you. Typical. Sub-zero temperatures outside and no heating to combat it, the dictionary definition of a disaster!

What can you do if this happens?

Talk to Scarbrook, our experienced team of engineers can be with you as soon as we possibly can to help repair or replace your household boiler. As Yorkshire’s Premier Heating Provider we hate to see our customer’s cold. That’s why as accredited installers, we have a series of boilers available from the pioneers of the heating industry such as Viessmann, Valient, Worcester Bosch and more.

If you get stranded with heat this winter call Scarbrook on – 0800 500 3103 or visit our website andleave your details for a call back at a convenient time. 


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  4. Very disappointed with the level of service for our Thermodynamic system from the Little Magic Box company. The workmen who installed the system did not tell us where the panel was being put, not where we agreed leaving an eye-sore on the front of our house. Even when we told them this they gave us new reasons why they could not move it.