Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Get It Right In 2016

Get Scarbrook!

At Scarbrook Plumbing and Heating we are highly experienced boiler and central heating installers. With this vast experience we are able to give all our customers the best possible advice when selecting their new combi boiler.

Countless times we have seen customers become confused by the pricing strategies employed by some of the giants in the heating industry. For this reason Scarbrook have made your choice as simple as we can!

A smaller house, for example a two bedroom terraced property, requires a much smaller boiler to a larger property, for example a five bedroom detached property. So this is exactly how we have divided our boiler finance packages.

You as the customer will have a choice of up to three new combi boilers per household size.
For smaller terraced houses we offer two boilers at around 24/25KW Output. Regardless of the new combi boiler you choose you can be assured of a minimum 7 year warranty. Prices start from £15.92 with a £500 upfront deposit. Alternatively you can start your package with no upfront deposit for just over £22 per month.

If you own a slightly larger property your options are similar. We have classed these as Semi-Detached Houses where we will install 29/30KW boilers. Again a minimum of a 7 year warranty is assured from just £16.70 per month!

For larger properties needing a 35KW boiler prices start from £17.86 per month with equal benefits as the previous packages.

If you require any additional information please feel free to give us a call on 0800 500 3103 to speak to one of our dedicated engineers. Make your choice simple… Make it Scarbrook!


  1. The double panel Magic Box thermodynamic system we use to make our hot water cost us over £5000 to have fitted. We are now unable to use hot water like we used to because it takes so long for the water to heat back up once we have a bath. I want to go back to my gas boiler.

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