Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Dangers of a faulty boiler

A faulty boiler can be dangerous to anyone who does not have any experience of qualifications in the heating field.

It is a known fact that any system which heats up using gas or oil is high at risk giving off carbon monoxide if it is not serviced by a professional.

This silent killer has an estimated death ratio of 1 person per week in the United Kingdom. This is caused through lack of care and maintenance.

If you don’t already know gas can be extremely difficult to detect as it doesn't have a smell or taste. If you find yourself short of breath this could be a main indication of carbon monoxide poisoning. Some other symptoms include drowsiness, fatigue, nausea and headaches. The symptoms can be over a period of time or sudden depending on the leakage. It doesn’t take long for the carbon monoxide to enter the bloodstream once inhaled; this usually causes the person to go into a coma or even death.

If you are worried that your boiler may be faulty please check for these vital signs:

Flame is no longer blue (Burning yellow or orange)

Smoke/ soot stains appear above the boiler

Please make sure the room with holds your boiler is well ventilated and the boiler is kept under maintenance.
If you are worried that you may have any of these signs please give us a call, or if you would like to schedule a check-up.

Please not that Scarbrook is a part of the free boiler scheme provided by the government ( Green Deal). If you have any problems with your boiler and qualify for the green deal we could save you on the hassle and cost of a new boiler by providing you with one completely free of charge.

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