Thursday, 23 January 2014

Scarbrook - Main Reasons for Getting a New Boiler

If you suspect your boiler to be not working correctly or think it is losing its efficiency then it maybe time to call in the professionals. All of Scarbrook's engineers are gas safe registered. This blog will discuss the main reasons you should consider when upgrading your boiler.

= Increased Safety with a New Boiler - With the advances in technology new boilers have more safety features such as; automatic shut off valves and fail safe systems, hence it may pay to upgrade your dated boiler.

= Saving Money - This is one of the main draws for upgrading your existing boiler, its just the basic principle of offsetting the initial cost against the amount of money saved.  Potentially in the long term saving you a considerable percentage on your current energy bill.

= Environmentally Friendly - 'A' rated boilers are essential for all new domestic dwellings and the replacement of old ones. Reducing your carbon footprint by having a efficiency  86%  and higher.

= Reliability - New boilers are obviously going to be more reliable then their predecessor. This well therefore incur less maintenance cost and add to the appeal of installing a new boiler.

= Space Saver - From a design point of view it can help you create more space because new designs are less obtrusive and much smaller.

Scarbrook are here to help you by offering a FREE quote with NO obligation. Aiding your financial decision whether or not upgrading to a new boiler is right for you. 

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