Friday, 7 November 2014

Most common plumbing problems coming into winter

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As plumbing engineers in the Yorkshire region we have constantly been advising clients regarding ;
Below are the most common emergency situations we come across, especially now we are coming into winter:
1. Broken Water Pipes: You top priority, until the emergency plumber arrives on the scene is stop water flowing out of the leak in the pipe. The best way to do this is to find the main shut off valve to the house and close it. Turning off the valve will immediately stop the water supply to the fixtures and therefore stop the flood. Once you have stopped the situation getting any worse you then can call us at
2. Frozen Pipes: At the point at which water freezes it expands and this in turn leads to burst the pipes. If you notice that a pipe is frozen or is in a situation where it could easily become so, you can often prevent a plumbing disaster by taking action before the pipe thaws. Close the main water shut off valve in your house (we can help you find this if you don't know where the stopcock is). If the pipe has not split, the best advice is to warm it up SLOWLY and remember that thawing must be done gently. WARNING: never use a naked flame or torch to thaw a pipe. It can save you thousands of pounds and a great deal of misery if you check your pipework now that we are heading into winter.

3. Leaky Fixtures: Leaks can do more damage than you might imagine! Left over time a dripping pipe fitting can bring a ceiling down or cause plaster to come away from your wall. The best advice is to close the water stopcock valve leading to the leaky plumbing fixture. Then go ahead and check why you have a leak, it could be a faulty connection, old washer, hair or some debris has become lodged in the pipe. If you still cannot discover the source of the leak then that is the time to call the experts in!
4. Blocked Drains or Toilet systems: Probably one of the most dreaded problems on any homeowners list - unless this is something where you can see an obstruction there is a best course of action to call in the local plumber or drain company as quickly as you can. Chances are that any blockage may well not even be on your property and the council may have to become involved - better safe than sorry with this type of emergency! 
5. Gas leaks: If you smell gas always immediately evacuate the building, dont wait or try to find the source of the leak - unless of course you have left the gas ring on the hob running - open all windows and doors and call the local gas supplier, you should also warn neighbors. Gas leaks do not lend themselves to do-it-yourself repairs due to their deadly nature in the wrong hands. Once outside the home call in an emergency plumber.
6. Broken Central Heating System: There are many different things that may cause your central heating or gas boiler to malfunction. There are many different components and factors to a boiler. If you are in need of hot water for your home or business, it is always best to call in Scarbrook Plumbing and Heating as soon as you know there is a problem. With winter now on the horizon it is our busiest period - people are running their systems often for the first time in a few months so this tends to be the point at which problems are discovered.

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