Saturday, 31 May 2014

Scarbrook Plumbing and Heating – How to Bleed a Radiator

Step 1 Diagnosis

The only time you would bleed a radiator is if there is there is trapped air inside causing 'cold areas'.
Before attempting to bleed a radiator please note that it is very important to turn off the central heating system at the mains this will prevent more air leaking into the system.

2 Opening the Bleed Valve

Once you have assessed and diagnosed the problem and the solution is to bleed the radiator you then need to open the bleed valve, this is a small valve that is usually located down the side of the radiator located at the top.  If you cannot find a radiator key then a small spanner may do the job.

Placing a bowl or cloth underneath the valve when opening it will catch any escaped water from the system

3 Water flow

When the air releases it will eventually start to push out water with air bubbles, once the water is flowing with no air this is when to close the valve.

4 Analysis

(Please note it is better for the system to bleed all the radiators in the home than one)
When you have completed bleeding the radiators please remember to turn your central heating back on. Please leave for a 1- 2 hours before checking the entire surface area of the radiator. If the radiator is hot from top to bottom your problem is solved!

Please remember that if you are uncertain of any heating problems please give the excepts a call: 01302 882297

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