Friday, 27 September 2013

Scarbooks tips to cut your monthly bills

Extra ways to benefit your home with the Green Deal

Loft insulation - As heat rises you need to make sure you loft is fully insulated, doing this will stop the heat from leaking into your roof and wasting money.

Windows - Triple or Double Glazed window are proven to keep heat in more than any other, this again will improve the cost of your heating bill. They will also improve your home by blocking out outside noise.

Drought Proofing - Spaces around doors, windows, hatches and other opening to your home are common causes of drought. Sealing up these gaps will stop a breeze throughout the house and keep the heat in.

Cavity Wall Insulation - putting insulation in the homes outer wall space will improve the overall insulation of you home.

Internal and solid wall insulation - Older generation homes normally have solid walls, installing insulation on the inner our outer layer can dramatically reduce the heating costs.

Last but certainly not least replacing or upgrading your boiler. Older boiler models tend to lose a lot of heat which as a result uses a lot of energy. Scarbrook are now green deal registered and can install a new boiler in your home with no costs you will just keep paying your discounted bills as normal.

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