Friday, 5 July 2013

Scarbrook Under-Floor Heating System

Electrical under floor heating by Scarbrook.

Scarbrook provided the highest quality instillation you will find in Yorkshire for under floor heating, if you are thinking about getting a under floor heating system please take a look at our quick guide the right instillation techniques.

Scarbook want all their customers to be 100% happy with the quality price and instillation when it comes to all of their services,  they  strive on being one of the highest recommended  Plumbing and Heating companies in Yorkshire and they work they have provided is proof of this.

When it comes to under floor heating it is highly recommended that you don’t try the ‘do it yourself’ tactic, this is purely because of the safety issues and if not installed properly you may be taking up your flooring.

When an under floor heating system is switched on the heat travels both upwards and downwards this will resolve in heat loss, you will only receive the full benefit of a under floor heating system if it is installed on top of cement floor as this acts as an absorbing barrier like a repelling magnet bouncing the heat back upwards.

You will feel a massive benefit if a thermal insulation barrier is installed between the heating system and the under floor not only will this speed up the starting system bust will also insulate the room saving both time and money.

The average heating cables are spread at 75 mm centers  this will then produce 200 watts per square meter  Electric heating cables will produce an output of 15 watts per meter these are usually installed where a higher degree of flexibility will be needed.

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